Custom installation gas fires

Graphite Rue De St Cloud DS1400 surround by Noosa Tiles and Fires

Escea are Special Gas Fires

Too many gas fireplace brands each with different claims                                        

Sunshine Coast only authorised Escea Specialist helps eliminate Brand Confusion                                                                                 Benefit from our long association with Escea New Zealand.

Choosing gas is easy from one of  

Escea's single,double sided or freestanding innovative fires from the DS,DX,DL,DF range.                  

More Flame less or no frame

Horizontal Underfloor or Vertical Fluing means you can fit one just about anywhere.                                                                                                                     Escea's flexibility Higher Efficiency.                                                                                            More than ever before less is more with Escea compare be amazed                                     Always great deals at Escea's Sunshine Coast Specialist where Warranty is assured           Quality Our Focus in Tiles and Fireplaces                                                                                  New DS Sizes 2018 DS1150 DS 1600 a size to suit your planned heating





Double sided gas fireplace installation
Nice room divider
Flexible Escea installation

What a clever gas fireplace Escea
 DX see through gas fires

... DX See through 1 of 5 from Escea...
Double sided gas fireplace installation
How's That for a room divider