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Masport Heating

Masport's F12000 woodheater will quickly heat your home. For those larger areas it comes with enamelled finish, fan and the famous long lasting Masport cast iron firebox.

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Renewable wood heating

Radiant Heating

This Masport R1600 Steel Firebox with easy clean ashpan,ideal for heating a 3 bedroom home. It comes with the added advantage of a cook top for heating that coffee pot or mulled wine over the cooler winters we do get on the Sunshine Coast.Once you have enjoyed our style of living for several years you will find this handy fireplace will suit your coast or hinterland home.We invite you to call us for heating this winter.The longest estabilshed heating specialist in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.Noosa Tiles and Fires.

Masport Steel Firebox

woodfire with a wide view

Heating Bay Window Style

Osburn,Canadian made have a large range of wood heaters that will add warmth to various designs.
Most come with the removable ash draw making cleaning easy during those cold winters we do get on the Sunshine Coast.

You can change the look of this bay Window with black,silver or gold trims.

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Canadian Made

Gas fireplace flexible Double sided

Tested in Europe as Most efficient Gas Fireplace in The World

Escea the perfect answer for your home heating with the DX1500 and DX1000 high star rating ducted systems

Look at all the design possibilites now availiable.You can duct to another room via under floor ducting to floor vents or wall or ceiling vents ,have double sided see through for Lounge  Dining Room. Heat an upstairs bedroom.It is a very flexible heating system.By using direct power fluing you can keep the heat inside without changing your room air quality.(other system need internal air for combustion) At 10.4 kW (DX1500) output large open high ceiling areas are catered for.

See the Escea DX1500 Working display Tested in Europe as the most efficent Gas Fireplace In The World 94.6%

fire by Escea.

Make outdoor areas comfortable this winter with escea

Heating Outdoor Escea style

The Escea outdor gas unit is a compliment to any setting,poolside, patio ,enterainment areas.

E series outdoor fireplaces (Gas or Wood) let you enjoy the open air whilst still staying warm

EF5000 is great for innovated design.It comes as Zero Clearance so can be installed into any timber-framed external construction.It has a 16.5KW output 3 different fuelbeds with Marine Grade Stainless Steel ,Volcanic Black or Designer Stone Inlay fascia options.

Kitset enclosure available for quick and easy installation.

A wood option WITH BBQ COOKING is also available

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Gas fireplaces Fuel Beds

Customise your Escea

Escea have an excellent range of different fuel beds from traditional wood to pebbles a total of 10 variations available also 4 fascia options in Titanium Silver or Volcanic Black. Shown is DX1000 with black pebbles Velo Fascia in Titanium Silver


Gas Inbuilts

Large area Space Heating

DL1100 River Pebble Fuel Bed

The DL1100  with a 5 Star Rating and more flexibility has the capacity for those larger open plan areas You can install as an Island Bench,exhaust under the floor,horizontal or vertical fluing.

Gas heating has never been so flexible.

Escea DL 1100 delivers 10.4KW of Smart Heat

DL and DX series Ready for SMART HOME Installation

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Letter Box style Gas fireplaces

DF960 DS1400 Escea Now Available

Installation ideas Escea

Customise your Escea

Shown is Escea DL850 installation by Peter and Jo.What a great look Escea will fit into your plans.

Low energy consumption fireplace gas

ST900 Stainless Steel Fascia

sleek gas fireplace

ST900 shown in Volcanic Black

The ST 900 from Escea uses only a small amount of energy with design flexibility

It is a zero clearence direct vent it will add ambience and additional warmth.Its shallow depth allows almost anywhere installation.Zone heating

Also Battery Pack available for those cabins or properties wihout mains supply

Driftwood on White Fuel Bed Escea gas

ST 900

Stainless Steel Ferro Fascia  with Driftwood on White Stones Fuel Bed

The ST900 comes as Zero Clearance and with the shallow depth  it can be installed almost anywhere

Ideal for adding ambience

Flexible ducting options excellent heating Escea High Efficiency Fireplaces (Gas)

The DL DX DS DF range from escea can be flued under floor,vertically,horizontally or combination easy to install as no gathers or plinths to contend with they are a true zero clearnce as no need to have framing located up to 300mm away.

Longer flue runs up 12 meters horizontal and 13 meters vertical or a combination are possible with polypro.Got a difficult position you would like a great gas fire in? Escea have the solution.The DL are more efficient,have a higher heat output.Escea's new generation Smart Heat controller leaves you in control.With over 9KW of heat output and up to 5 star efficiency these fireplaces generate enough to heat the largest of rooms,making them perfect for any sized home

Efficient Gas Fireplace

Escea Style keeps on Coming

New Release April DS 1400 single or double sided 5 star heating

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Fuel Beds which one will you choose

Escea Luxury Fireplaces Noosa Tiles and Fires

What will it Heat?
A general rule of thumb is that 1kW output or 3.6MJ of input x the efficiency % for gas will heat 10m2 or 1.2 squares. A 21.6 MJ input@75 % (4.5kW output) or approx 41/2 Star efficency will heat 45m2.

The design and insulating properties of the home also play a role as well as the Fluing System.Some decorative ranges can actually be negative heating as most of the heat is drawn up the flue.It is important not to get caught up in sales talk and misleading claims Check what the fireplace delivers as Output not Input in kW/MJ