Frameless gas inbuilt fireplace

DS series small footprint and flexible fluing option
DF960 Escea Noosa Tiles and Fires
For great heating this Winter

Confused too many Gas fireplaces Brands each with different claims

The Sunshine Coast's authorised Escea specialist helps eliminate brand confusion Our long association with Escea New Zealand makes Gas Easy With Escea's  single double sided or freestanding innovative fires .

Escea DS1400 and DF960.

More Flame Less or no Frame Horizontal or Vertical Fluing.

 Escea's Flexibility with higher efficiency more than ever before less is more with Escea Compare be Amazed

Always Great Deals at Escea's Sunshine Coast Specialist Distributor,where your warranty is assured.

Quality our focus in Tiles and Fireplaces  

2018 new sizes in the DS range

DS1150 and DS1650.

A size to suit your plans.








Exceptional features Escea DL850 Call in for a Demonstration

Escea high efficiency fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere.Build straight into timber and plasterboard false chimney breast etc.Unlike many other fireplaces on the market wall construction with expensive heat-resistant material is unnecessary with Escea,stylish luxurious easy to use and install with varied design possibilities, also gas retrofit for those open wood fireplaces


INSTALL ESCEA from your Sunshine Coast Distributor don't void your Warranty


Gas Fire Fuel Beds Escea Click for instant heat Escea